Tiffany "T" Kilpatrick

    I was born and raised in Mississippi.  I received my undergraduate degree and my law degree from Ole Miss.  I am a mother to an Oxford Middle School student, a practicing lawyer, and a daughter of a Mississippi public school teacher.  I am a product of Mississippi public schools through and through.  I am a walking testament that the “road out of poverty runs right by the school house door”, to quote Governor William Winter.

    When Jay Hughes announced that he was running for lieutenant governor, I asked myself who would be the best person to tell Jackson our vision for the future--a future where we invest in our children and in our communities, where we protect and support our public schools, including the flagship university for this state, Ole Miss, and a future where we do not shy away from investments in infrastructure, education, and technology.  I believe in Mississippi. I have all of my life, and I want to bring people together to move Mississippi in the right direction. 

    Mississippi has given me so much. As a result, upon hearing of Jay’s plan and after prayerful consideration with my family and close friends, I decided to give back in a different way. I have always been interested in public service; however, I did not know where my gifts and talents could be best used. 

Why I Have Chosen To Run

    The hard truth is that we live in a politically polarized, divisive time. The 24 hour news channels, with their national pundits,  label us and try to pit Americans against one another.  Our national leaders too often resort to name-calling and divisive rhetoric that is extremely damaging to the moral fabric of this Nation. I am the right person at the right time because I believe there is very little difference between each of us. I am running for your family and for mine because we all want our communities to be safe, our schools to educate our children, and our roads and bridges to get us to and from our homes, jobs, and churches. We need access to good jobs that will allow us to put food on our tables, send our children to college, and save for retirement. I truly believe we can secure a better Mississippi if we work together. I am the right person because I believe "we can disagree without being disagreeable". We can compromise without losing our values, and we can listen without passing judgement before we hear all the facts.

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